Author: Vladimir Pecanac

Top 8 Continuous Integration Tools

If you are familiar with the concept of Continuous Integration we can agree that using it has become mandatory. There are many Continuous Integration tools out there, and in this article, we will go through some of the greatest tools available on the market and see how they fare. After reading this list you will have a better understanding what tools are available to you and choose the perfect tool for yourself. On the other hand, if you are interested in mobile apps, there is a specific subset of tools that might suit you better, so check out our Top Mobile...

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TeamCity Basic Concepts

In the previous post, we’ve talked about Continuous Integration and its benefits in software development automation. Hopefully, by now you understand how important continuous integration is and want to learn how to improve your software by using it. Now, you will learn how to implement continuous integration with TeamCity, one of the best continuous integration tools available out there. TeamCity offers free Professional Server License that allows you to use the full set of features it offers but is limited to 3 build agents and 100 build configurations. It is easily one of the best choices if you need stable, mature...

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What Is Continuous Integration and Why Do You Need It?

While not every project is destined to achieve great success, there are software methodologies and practices that can dramatically increase the chance of success of a project and make the development more pleasurable experience. One of such practices is Continuous Integration.  It was originally adopted as the extreme programming practice and its main purpose is to prevent integration problems and to avoid “integration hell”. So let’s learn what Continuous Integration is and how it can help you become a better software developer. In this article you will learn: What Is Continuous Integration? Benefits of Using Continuous Integration Requirements More...

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