Knowing the basics is important. A lot of information exchanged on the Internet is carried over HTTP. So, if you want to build great web apps, isn’t it obvious that you need to understand what happens behind the scenes?

In this series, you will learn anything from the most basic stuff like how HTTP messages look, to the more complicated concepts like Digest authentication and HTTPS/SSL. This will give you a deeper insight into the world of internet communication and help you build more robust web applications.

This series contains a lot of information, but every bit is as important as the other.

And there is even more!

For your convenience (and ours too) we added an extra chapter called “The HTTP reference” which contains a cheat sheet of every HTTP concept that is hard to remember by heart such as status codes, HTTP headers, MIME types, and HTTP request methods.

The series is comprised of the following parts:

Let’s get going.