Welcome to the C# Back to Basics series.

What Are We Going to Learn?

In this series, we are going to cover the C# language basics. We will learn how to create our first project, how to use operators, variables, expressions, and data types.  Furthermore, we will continue by learning how to use conditions and loops and what type of conditions and loops we have in C#. Of course, we won’t forget to talk about methods, arrays, and value and reference types.

We will cover all the topics with examples that will help us to better understand the topic we are talking about.

So, the complete series is divided into the following sections:

As we can see, there is a lot to learn and a lot to do in this series.

What’s Next?

If you feel you’ve sufficiently mastered these topics you can transition to our intermediate C# series:

Or you can check out:

So, we don’t want to leave all the fun waiting, let’s go get it…