Welcome to the C# Intermediate tutorial.

What Are We Going to Learn

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about C# intermediate concepts. We will try to show how to write C# code in an object-oriented manner and how to use the object-oriented concepts while writing that code.

The object-oriented approach is very important when we write our applications due to the possibility to reuse our applications or reusing parts of them.  Furthermore, OOP concepts help us write cleaner and maintainable code, which is a huge advantage in bigger projects.

To learn about the OOP concept, we are going to cover the following topics:

So, a lot of topics to cover, but a lot of knowledge awaits us.

Before we dive into this module, we strongly recommend going through C# basics. You will find many valuable pieces of information, which will help you significantly to follow along with this module.

After this tutorial, you will have expertise in OOP concepts in C# and won’t have any trouble applying them to your projects.