Not many technologies are exciting as soon as they come out. Blazor was and still is an exciting toy to play with, and we’re thrilled to see it grow and that people are adopting it steadily. So give it a chance. Or pick some of the awesome topics we’ve prepared for you this time.

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.NET and C#

  • Blackjack in Blazor Part 3 – Game State and Blazor Components []
    A something bit different this time. Blackjack in Blazor. Do we need to say anything else? It’s nice to see how Blazor is evolving each day, and Matthew Jones demonstrates its usage on a concrete and fun example.
  • Finding all routable components in a Blazor App []
    Another excellent post by Andrew Lock on finding the routable components in a Blazor App via reflection. This might come in handy if you’re prerendering your pages and need a list of all the routes.

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