This week we were busy playing around with .NET 5 and migrating our projects. Have you tried it out yet? What did you find was the most impactful feature? But besides that, we’ve read plenty of good articles that deserve attention, from js interop and DI, performance, caching, security, and even some basic C# stuff, there’s something for everyone. Every week we’re amazed by the vast number of different topics and quality articles all around. So take a sip of your favorite brew, sit back, and forget about the crazy world for a while.

.NET and C#

  • Call anonymous C# functions from JS in Blazor WASM []
    Calling C# functions from JavaScrip can be beneficial if we want to integrate our C# code with the existing JavaScript libraries. Kristoffer Strube shows us how we can do that on a simple JS library, Popper, so give it a read if you’re interested in JS interop in Blazor.
  • Resolve Multiple Types In ASP.NET Core []
    Did you know you can resolve multiple types to a single interface with the built-in ASP.NET Core mechanisms? If not, this article by Khalid Abuhakmeh is a good place to start and learn more about it.

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