A Practical Guide to Full Stack Development With .NET

Fully compatible with .NET 8

Goodbye Javascript, C# here I come

Why is
Blazor WebAssembly so popular?

Once you start working in Blazor, you’ll feel at home. Many .NET software developers are stuck working on the backend because they just dislike all those Javascript frameworks or just don’t know where to start.

Blazor WebAssembly gives you an opportunity to use your favorite language, C#, to create beautiful single page applications.

Not only that, but Blazor utilizes one of the newest trends in web development, WebAssembly, which parries Javascript in almost everything, from performance to flexibility.

You’ll almost certainly hear thing like “love”, “finally”, “so long Javascript” when listening to people already using Blazor WebAssembly.

It feels like the gap has been filled.

Create apps through video, and an actual project

If you’re already familiar with our style, you know we don’t fool around. We get to the point right away and start building the real world examples while introducing concepts gradually. We don’t like wasting time when learning new stuff, so why should you? Video is a great format for learning programming, but we always recommend following along, so we provide projects as a starting point for those who want to get their hands dirty.

After selling 5000+ books and helping countless other students on our blog and YouTube, we’re creating this material with a simple goal in mind – to help you get started with one of the most awesome technologies in the last few years.

Learn Blazor WebAssembly, step by step

In each module, we’ll be building actual code. Each video focuses on a single concept and teaches you how to use it in practice. Each of the 3 packages below feature a different level of education:

The Basic Package

The material is meant to take you from almost zero experience in building frontend applications to building full-stack applications in C#. We focus on practical stuff, rather on showing you every component there is, taking the most useful parts and building skyscrapers with them. You get each and every lesson inside this package.

The Premium Package

This package is meant for those who want to take their knowledge even further. Besides all the video materials, there is exclusive access to the Code Maze Community, Exercises, Certificate of completion, and various other goodies not included in the basic package. Most importantly, we are active in our community so you get direct access to us so we can help you on your learning journey.

The Deluxe Package

The deluxe package includes everything that’s already in the Premium, but you also get a one-on-one consultation session with us. You’re stuck? No problem, let’s get together on a call and solve that.

“Great Blazor WebAssembly starting point!”

“Without any previous knowledge about Blazor, I decided to dive into the course since I have already had experience with CodeMaze courses and found them helpful, clear, and, at the end of the day, worth of reading and watching. What I can say about this course is that it fulfilled my expectations because it was focused on the basics, alongside some more advanced topics like Publishing and Authentication, all explained in detail.

After finishing it, I felt confident enough to start working in Blazor and that is what I aspire to feel at the end of each learning phase. Good work, guys!”

Ivana Tesanovic

Software Engineer, HTEC Group

Learn by Doing

The lessons start with the basic concepts of building a simple but practical application with Blazor WebAssembly. We cover all the things we need in order to build a real-world application and we quickly transition to building full-fledged application parts, slowly introducing the concepts as we go. We’ve worked in the .NET ecosystem for over 15 years and we’ve created many web applications at that time. Some from scratch, some partially. We’ve used almost all the .NET technologies out there. Blazor WebAssembly is the single best thing that happened to .NET in years. As avid video consumers ourselves, we love learning by watching videos. But we also know that you need to work while watching. Watching videos by itself is not enough. In order to get the full experience, you need to follow along and work on your own examples. That’s the way to get the most out of this course.

This course is focused on the foundations of Blazor WebAssembly and more advanced concepts like Authentication and Authorization, as well as JS Interop. These are the concepts you need to understand in order to be an effective full-stack .NET developer.

Meet Us!

Wondering who we are?

Vladimir Pecanac

Hi, my name is Vladimir Pecanac, and I am a full time .NET developer and DevOps enthusiast. I founded this blog so I can share the things I learn in the hope of both helping others and deepening my own knowledge of the topics I write about. I feel that many technical articles are written in an unnecessarily complicated way to sound more authoritative and serious. My goal is to change that trend and write down-to-earth, simple articles that are easy to read and understand.
The best way to learn is to teach.

Marinko Spasojevic

Hi, my name is Marinko Spasojevic. Currently, I work as a full time .NET, ASP.NET CORE, ANGULAR and BLAZOR developer and my passion is web application development. Just getting something to work is not enough for me. To make it just how I like it, it must be readable, reusable and easy to maintain. Prior to being an author on the CodeMaze blog, I had been working as a professor of Computer Science for several years. So, sharing knowledge while working as a full-time developer comes naturally to me.

My hope is that the experience and knowledge I share will help you improve your own.

“Fantastic Course!”

“Fantastic course to learn Blazor Wasm & integrate with Web API. I’m a full-stack web developer & entrepreneur that knew a bit about Blazor but needed to really upgrade my Blazor skills and integration with web API. I am so satisfied with this course and sample code. It is explained very well, not too fast not too slow, and very comprehensive/detailed but without having over architecture.

This saved me a lot of time. Thanks”

Jean Poulin

Software Engineer/Entrepreneur, MemoCalc inc.

The Premium Package

This course is fully compatable with .NET 8. We’ve recorded new videos to cover some small changes, and added a few notes along the way. The source code is also updated to .NET 8 and published for all the course users. That said, feel free to use .NET 8 from the beginning of the course.

You get 15 modules, and you learn everything there is to building full stack applications with Blazor WebAssembly. It was initially created with .NET 5, updated to .NET 6 and now compatable with .NET 8 – with our new videos and updated source code.

No fluff, no extra theory, no fancy words. Just hands-on, down-to-earth material that will take you right into the good stuff and help you get to the profficiency level at your own pace.

You will also have a chance to test your knowledge, and you’ll get rewarded with a completion certificate. If you get stuck, we’re there to help.

It’s like having a good mentor, who’s there when you need him.

1. Introduction to Blazor WebAssembly 4 Video Lessons
1. What is Blazor and When Should we Use It?  
2. Different Types of Blazor Applications  
3. Blazor Server vs Blazor WebAssembly  
4. Blazor WebAssembly Template Files (Preview)  
Asset 48 2. Components, Parameters, and Application Debugging
5 Video Lessons
1. What are Blazor Components?  
2. Parameters in Components  
3. Arbitrary Parameters  
4. Cascading Parameters  
5. Debugging the Application  
Asset 109 3. Partial Classes, RenderFragment, and Lifecycle Management
4 Video Lessons
1. What are Blazor Partial Classes? (Preview)  
2. Using RenderFragment Parameters  
3. Blazor Lifecycle Methods and Lifecycle Example  
4. Logging in Blazor WebAssembly  
4. Routing in Blazor WebAssembly 5 Video Lessons 00:14:51
1. @page Directive  
2. NotFound Component  
3. NavigationManager Class  
4. Route Parameters  
5. NavLink Component  
5. Consuming an API with Blazor WebAssembly HttpClient
6 Video Lessons
1. Dependency Injection  
2. Web API Project Overview  
3. Consuming the API  
4. Creating the Products List Component (Preview)  
5. Creating the Product Details Component  
6. Pagination, Searching, and Sorting 8 Video Lessons
1. Setting up the Pagination in the API  
2. Reading the Paged Response in the Client Application  
3. Creating the Pagination Component (Preview)  
4. Creating a Page Size Dropdown Component  
5. Searching Implementation in the API  
6. Creating the Search Component  
7. Sorting Implementation in the API  
8. Creating the Sort Component  
Asset 48 7. Error Handling
3 Video Lessons
1. Improving the UX While Handling Errors  
2. Creating a Centralized Error Handler  
8. Forms and Form ValidationNovember)
4 Video Lessons
1. Handling POST Requests  
2. Creating Blazor WebAssembly Forms  
3. Forms Validation  
4. Using Blazored Toast to Improve the UX (Preview)  
9. File Upload 2 Video Lessons
1. Handling File Upload on the Server Side  
2. Implementing File Upload on the Client Side  
10. Modifying and Deleting Data 4 Video Lessons
1. Handling PUT Requests on the Server-Side  
2. Updating Data on the Client Side  
3. Implementing the Delete Functionality  
11. Environment and Configuration 3 Video Lessons
1. Environments Introduction  
2. Configuring the Application for Production  
3. Options Pattern (Preview)  
12. Publishing and Deployment 4 Video Lessons
1. Publishing Blazor WebAssembly Application in the Development Environment  
2. Publishing Web API with Static Files in the Development Environment  
3. Deploying Blazor WASM to Azure Static Web Apps (Preview)  
4. Deploying the Whole Application to Azure App Services  
13. JS Interoperability 5 Video Lessons
1. Calling JavaScript Functions with C#  
2. Using JSInterop to Pass HTML Elements  
3. Handling JavaScript Errors in C# Code  
4. Calling C# Methods from JavaScript  
5. Wrapping JavaScript Libraries (Preview)  
14. Authentication and Authorization (Premium and Deluxe Content) 5 Video Lessons
1. Introduction to Authentication and Authorization  
2. User Registration  
3. Login and Logout  
4. Role-Based Authorization  
5. Refresh token  
15. Extended User Management
(Premium and Deluxe Content)
4 Video Lessons
1. Reset/Forgot Password  
2. Email Verification  
3. User Lockout  
4. Two-Step Verification  

“Learn Blazor WASM from project new to adding authentication”

“The Blazor Web assembly video course is an excellent introduction to full-stack web development in C# using modern programming patterns and practices. The course goes straight to the point of what you need to learn on the client and the matching ASP.NET Web API. Things like paging, sorting, searching, and async/await are baked in from the beginning. Clean software structures keep the code easy to read and maintain.

Although not required, I recommend purchasing the companion ASP.NET Core Web API to get into more of the detail on the Web API side. These courses will save you significant time learning Blazor WASM from project new to adding authentication. If you get stuck, then help is readily available in the Facebook forums.

Richard Scott

CEO, Health Systems


Which package should I buy?

That mostly depends on your budget. Obviously the Premium package is the best value for money, but you can start off with the Basic package too and later on upgrade to the Premium or Deluxe.

Could I just find all this on the Internet for free?

You certainly can, as the most other things nowadays. Finding the right solution takes time and effort. And the internet is full of time-wasters and outdated solutions. This program contains fresh and up-to-date information and implemented using the latest .NET versions so you don’t need to waste your time (and money) any more.

What if I don’t like it?

That would make us very sad… But if you don’t like the course or don’t find it useful, we don’t want your money. Just reply to your purchase receipt within 30 days (7 days for team licences) and we’ll issue a refund. 

Can I get a discount?

Contact us in the chat for more information. We can provide discounts for those who have problems purchasing the program. We do offer different pricing tiers too, so you can buy the most affordable one for you.

Where can I learn more about you?

We have a lot of free content on Parse through the articles and learn more about our style and content we offer for free. Then imagine this being a video version of these materials.

I still have questions…

Feel free to contact us contact us via email or you can use the chat in the bottom right of the page. Typically we answer very quickly and we’ll definitely reply to all your queries.

“Awesome video course!”

“This is an awesome video course that covers everything you need to know about Blazor WebAssembly. From the very basics to consuming ASP.NET Core Web API, implementing Paging, Searching, and Sorting, and also it covers advanced topics like Publishing, Authentication, Authorization, and User Management.

Explanations are clear, concise, and easy to understand. Most importantly, modules are easy to follow along. Support from the CodeMaze crew in the private Facebook group is a big plus.

If you want to dive into the Blazor world this is the course for it.

Nikola Zivkovic

Author, Rubik's Code

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We strongly believe in quality, so we’re more then confident that if you participate in the program, learn the content from the course daily, implement what you learn, by the time you completely finish it, you will be able to build your own applications easily.

If for some reason you don’t feel like that is true, then you can request a refund within 30 days (7 days for team licences) from the day of the purchase and receive a full refund (100% of the money you invested in the course).

Pretty simple. No questions asked!