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Remove Duplicates From a C# Array

Remove Duplicates From a C# Array

In this article, we are going to share the different methods on how to remove duplicates from an array in C#. In addition, we are going to compare these methods to check their performance. Arrays contain multiple values of the same type. It’s a common occurrence to...

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How to Mock HttpClient with Unit Tests in C#

How to Mock HttpClient with Unit Tests in C#

Mocking HTTP requests for unit testing is important because of the prevalence of APIs in modern software development. In this article, we will show you how to mock HttpClient and compare two ways to mock HTTP requests in our unit tests. We will use Moq to mock a...

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Code Maze Weekly #124

Code Maze Weekly #124

Issue #124 of the Code Maze weekly. Check out what's new this week and enjoy the read. .NET and C# Copying a collection: ToList vs ToArray [www.meziantou.net] ToList vs ToArray, which one is faster? Find out by reading this piece by Gérald Barré. IEnumerable...

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