Code Maze is looking for technical content writers!

Code Maze is a well-established software development blog and the place where we share our knowledge about Microsoft technologies, focusing on C# and development in .NET. We are trying to make a contribution to .NET community and help people learn best practices using the newest technologies.

By joining our team, you can get a broad exposure of about 600k (and growing) users monthly.

Here’s what our readers had to say about us:

Why Write for Code Maze?

Besides working with us directly and having us help you improve your skills, you get to research and write about what you really like and give back to the community.

QUESTION: But there are a plethora of "aggregator" websites out there you can write for, right?
ANSWER: Yes, that's true, but besides being on your own, and having no guidance, you would be competing against many other writers on the same platform. We care about our writers, and we work together to get the best possible result.

QUESTION: Do I get paid for writing?
ANSWER: You get paid for everything you write!

QUESTION: Is there a potential to advance?
ANSWER: YES! We offer other role opportunities to those that show extra enthusiasm and invest effort.

QUESTION: Will anyone see my work?
ANSWER: Yes. It depends on the popularity of the article, but your article will be seen by many.

This can be something extra that helps you both financially and career-wise.

Who Should Apply?

First and foremost, we expect our authors to have sound technical knowledge and experience (2+ years ideally). We also expect you to have a decent mastery of the English language, although we can help with that.

While previous writing experience is a plus, it's certainly not necessary to be able to apply.


We pay you for the work you invest in producing content. The price can vary depending on how long the article is and how much work we had to do to get it to the finish line.

When you start working with us we categorize you in one of many writing levels (20) depending on your writing and technical skills. 

Here are some examples:

1000 words:

  • level 10 - $78.5
  • level 15 - $92.0
  • level 20 - $101.8

1750 words:

  • level 10 - $93.5
  • level 15 - $107.0
  • level 20 - $116.8

2500 words:

  • level 10 - $108.5
  • level 15 - $122.0
  • level 20 - $131.8

We typically handle payments via PayPal or Wire for now, but other options are available as well.


There are two ways to get your article published on Code Maze.

  • Under generic Code Maze account (you get paid)
  • Published using your name and getting paid - this is reserved for the writers who stick with us longer

Content Topics

There are a variety of topics available to write about, but we are trying to limit our content to these major topics:

  • .NET (Core)/C# application development
  • ASP.NET Core web application development
  • Blazor Server/Blazor WebAssembly
  • Angular in combination with .NET (Core) backend
  • Best practices in web development
  • Security, authentication, and authorization in .NET (Core)
  • Useful third-party libraries for .NET (Core)
  • ...

While we have a lot of topics to choose from, you can always suggest your idea and we will consider it. You can even get paid to suggest topics.

We can't emphasize enough that we have zero tolerance for plagiarism of any sort. The articles should be original and expressed in your opinion and words.

How to Get Started?

You can start by introducing yourself to us by filling in this short form:

Code Maze Team