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Božo Špoljarić

Božo Špoljarić has been a developer for 20 years. Last ten years, he has been working primarily in .NET and the last few years exclusively. He writes educational texts as part of his start-up business, but also as a hobby and point of interest.
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Differences Between Span and Memory in C#

In this article, we'll briefly explain the Span and Memory .NET types and mention their primary usage. Furthermore, we will explore the differences between Span and Memory in C# in depth and conclude with some general tips on when to use one type over another. [sc...

New Features in C# 12

In this article, we will explore new features in C# 12. We will describe primary constructors, collection expressions, inline arrays, and other newly introduced features.  We'll need the latest Visual Studio 2022 or .NET 8 SDK to try each of these new C# 12 features,...