This week we present you with the fresh new batch of .NET and C# goodies. Whether you’re interested in pure C#, security, debugging, databases, NuGet packages, emails, or any other topic there is, you can find it. We think there is a pretty healthy ecosystem evolving around .NET lately, so we encourage you to check out even some of the topics you haven’t checked out before. There’s a lot of interesting stuff out there. Or you can stick to your favorite topic and just enjoy the weekend.

.NET and C#

  • Using Quartz.NET with ASP.NET Core and worker services []
    Quartz.NET is an open-source job scheduling system for .NET. Andrew shows us how to add the Quartz.NET hosted service, how to create a simple job, and how to register it with a trigger.
  • OpenAPI and Versioning for ASP.NET Core Web API []
    OpenAPI (Swagger) is enabled by default in ASP.NET Core 5 Web API projects. Anuraj goes over API versioning using OpenAPI as a tool. Recommended read for those that are trying to figure out API versioning themselves.

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