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Rebus is a free .NET “service bus”. It is an implementation of several useful messaging patterns, which have turned out to be immensely useful for implementing asynchronous messaging-based communication between the components of an application. We’re positively surprised by Rebus and we’ve written an article you might want to check out and see it in action: Rebus in .NET – Service Bus Implementation

.NET and C# Top Picks

  • Consuming SQL Functions with Entity Framework []
    Wondering how you can use your SQL functions in your project? Tim Deschryver shows us how to do this, but also warns us about potential pitfalls and problems with this approach.
  • Using Latest C# Features in Any Old .NET Version []
    Want to keep up with the newest features of C# but you’re stuck on your legacy project? In this video, by Nick Chapsas there’s something that might potentially help you alleviate these pains a bit.

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