As an Architect and developer, I need a “go-to” source to confirm how or if or my team need is implementing a concept correctly. The book may headline for “noob to developer” in just a few weeks, which is out of my scope, I think it is a lifesaver for a Sr. guy/girl. Almost every concept that I have considered implementing has been explained in a style that saved me hours of Googling and reading jerk comments in SO!
There are a lot of how-to blogs on the web, there are a lot of good how-to blogs on the web, there are not that many great how-to blogs on the web, there are very few excellent how-to blogs on the web when you find them and learn from them, further your career or make money from them, I at least like to return the favor, by buying them a couple of cups of coffee, book or video. I purchased both the Blazor video series and the Web API book, both worth every penny I spent.