Cold weather, excellent for staying at home and learning new stuff. As winter is kicking in around the globe (at least the Northern hemisphere) we’re gearing up and going through many excellent articles that our fellow bloggers have written.

.NET 6 preview 1 is already available for testing so make sure you jump on the .NET train quickly as it’s moving at lightning speed!

But first, relax, prepare a cup of your favorite brew, and read some of the awesome articles below.

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.NET and C#

  • Playing The Super Mario Bros. Theme With C# []
    One of the most famous video game tunes of all time. In C#. Khalid Abuhakmeh creates a console application to remind us what programming is all about. Fun. Give it a try!
  • Export data from Google Analytics with .NET []
    An excellent take on how to extract google analytics via .NET. Google Analytics is a vital part of many websites out there so we might learn how to export data as well. A well-written article by Thomas Ardal.

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