This week we’ve noticed an increase in Blazor related articles, which is expected in our opinion. Blazor WASM has still a long way to go but it’s gaining popularity by the day. Other than that there are plenty of other quality articles to pick from this week.

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.NET and C#

  • Enabling prerendering for Blazor WebAssembly apps []
    Prerendering of Blazor WASM applications. Prerendering content on the server-side has several advantages, so check out this article by Andrew Lock to discover what these are and how to set up prerendering in your Blazor WASM app.
  • Deep Dive into Open Telemetry for .NET []
    A post by Muhammad Rehan Saeed that covers Open Telemetry open-source specification and goes a bit more into collecting trace data. If telemetry is your thing right now, this might be the perfect article to start with.

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