Blazor still seems to be a hot topic among the .NET developers. In other news, Microsoft has announced a few awesome features like performance improvements and app trimming. In fact, everything seems to get faster and more optimized with every update. That’s why we have this newsletter where you can take it slow and read some awesome articles at your own pace.

.NET and C#

  • Top Level Programs In C# 9 []
    Wade Gausden goes through another interesting feature of C# 9, top-level programs. If you’re interested in how you can simplify your Program.cs file to a one-liner, this one is for you.
  • App Trimming in .NET 5 []
    App Trimming is the upcoming feature of .NET 5 that can reduce the size of the published applications several times over. Sam Spencer describes the entire process in this informative article.

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