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Code Maze Weekly #101

Issue #101 of the Code Maze weekly.

Check out what’s new this week and enjoy the read.

.NET and C#

  • Bite-Size .NET 6 – UnionBy, IntersectBy, ExceptBy, and DistinctBy []
     .NET 6 includes a new set of methods in the LINQ library to help us work with operations on complex collections. Let’s dive in with Matthew Jones and see how they can help us.
  • Setting up Serilog in .NET 6 []
    Serilog is a popular logging framework in .NET. Since .NET 6 is officially out, Nicholas Blumhardt has written an article on how we can implement it in our applications now.

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  • Installing Visual Studio 2022 []

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Vladimir Pecanac

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  • Issue 101?
    Did I miss the 100th anniversary last week? Apparently so!
    Then I have to make up for it now: Many, many thanks for the weekly collection of articles and sources. This has brought me new insights and help a few times already, which I didn't have to laboriously research on my own this way.
    Please keep up the good work!

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