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Martin Chege

Martin has over seven years of experience designing, and developing .NET web applications. His experience includes building electronic health record systems. Besides his every-day job as a cyber security professional, he enjoys learning new technologies and contributing to discussion forums.


Comparing for and foreach Loops in C#

In this article, we will compare the for and foreach loops. Iterating through arrays and lists is fundamental when learning any programming language. C# offers different ways to achieve this, such as using while, for, and foreach statements. But, what about the...

How to Check if Items of a List Exist in Another List in C#

One of the programming scenarios we can encounter once in a while is checking whether certain items in a list exist in another. This article is going to dive deep into all the techniques to compare lists. We are also going to compare how these techniques perform and...

PeriodicTimer in C#

Some system development problems may require us to perform tasks at regular intervals. Such tasks may include updating user interfaces and data or other recurring tasks. To ensure we address this need, C# provides the PeriodicTimer class, which was introduced in .NET...