I’ve stumbled upon the blog just by accident as I wanted to find out how does GraphQL work in C# or better said ASP.NET Core. The blog carried me to other very interesting stuff that can really make you a better programmer. Stuff like solid principles, testing, generics are just the skills every successful senior wants to have. Also, I want to thank the team for establishing a series about ASP.NET Core MVC and Web API in combination with Entity Framework which was a blast, and even today if I have doubts I come back to code-maze and skip MSDN. Both Marinko and Vladimir are the wizards among C# developers they are probably the 2 guys you want to have in your team as they are the go-to persons for questions, cause they answer you and your reaction is not “wt*”? But its something more like jeez, now I get it. Thanks again to the code-maze team, cause you made me a better programmer.