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Victorio Nikolaev

Victorio Nikolaev is a versatile Full-Stack Software Engineer specializing in C# / .NET and Back-end / Web development, currently completing a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. He's passionate about continuously learning and experimenting with new technologies and continuously tries to hone his skills to evolve as an engineer.
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How To Check if a URL Is Valid in C#

In the world of web development using .NET, it's crucial to make sure the web addresses (URLs) our application uses are correct and safe. In this article, we will understand the basics of how to check if a URL is valid in C#. We'll include some easy-to-understand code...

Parsing HTML With AngleSharp in C#

In this article, we will be exploring parsing HTML with AngleSharp in C#. AngleSharp is a powerful library in C# that gives us the ability to parse angle bracket-based hyper-texts like HTML, SVG, MathML, as well as XML. Our focus in this article will be to introduce...