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Vadzim Zylevich

I'm Vadim Zylevich, a Microsoft Certified Developer with over 9 years in the software development field, focusing on C#/.Net. My experience ranges from back-end development to team leadership, with a notable role as Team Lead Engineer at A.P. Moller-Maersk. Proficient in a diverse set of technologies including C#, ASP.NET Core, JavaScript, and SQL, I am eager to share my insights and experiences with the Code Maze community.
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Introduction to Strawberry Shake and GraphQL in .NET

In this article, we'll get familiar with GraphQL and Strawberry Shake, a GraphQL tool that facilitates interaction with local and remote data. Subsequently, we will build an application using the .NET API, focusing on customers searching for available space in...

How to Properly Create Message Templates for Logging in C#

In this article, we delve into the world of message templates for logging mechanisms. We'll journey through the history leading to the current state of logging, laying a solid foundation for understanding. This knowledge equips us to tackle one of the most common...

Execute JavaScript Using Selenium WebDriver in C#

As developers, we always look for ways to make our work easier so we can focus on more exciting projects or learn new things. A big part of this is finding ways to quickly test our work, like new features or bug fixes, to ensure everything runs smoothly. This is where...