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Kamil Pakula

Kamil studied computer science and since graduation, in 2011, he worked with a couple of programming languages and frameworks. He also created a couple of programming courses and in 2021 he published a book on GUI programming with Python and the Kivy framework. Recently, however, he's been mostly into .NET development. His main areas of interest are mobile and desktop development using .NET MAUI and web development using Blazor. He also has some experience with game programming in Unity.
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How to Filter a List Based on Another List In C#

Lists in C# are one of the most ubiquitous data structures. We perform all kinds of operations on them, such as appending, inserting, removing, sorting, and filtering. In this article, we'll focus on the latter - filtering. In particular, we'll see how to use a list...

How to Create an Outer Join in LINQ – (Left and Right)

In this article, we'll discuss how to create an outer join in LINQ. Most used are left and right outer join, but we'll also talk about less common ones. It's hard to find an application that doesn't rely on data. We often use just a single data source. But sometimes...

Deep Dive into Conversions in C# With the Convert Class

As a statically typed language, C# imposes some limitations on variable types. After we declare a variable of a given type, we can only assign values of that type to it. For example, if we declare a variable of a textual type, we cannot assign values of a numerical...