A complete, hands-on, and easy to digest program that gets you from zero to building production-ready APIs in just a few weeks

You don’t HAVE to learn by yourself. Having us and the whole community by your side will absorb the materials at 3x speed.


Why Learn ASP.NET Core
Web API?

Why should you invest your time and money into this program?

Ever since .NET Core 1.0 was introduced, the whole .NET ecosystem seems to have been given a new life. The framework was revitalized and now with the version 3, it has become a force to be reckoned with.

Not many technologies have achieved this level of polish, stability, maturity and speed. Creating a flexible yet stable technology is quite a feat, and that’s exactly what ASP.NET Core developers have achieved.

On top of that, REST APIs have become a defacto standard in the industry because of their ability to decouple backend and frontend parts of the application and the ability to serve thousands of clients simultaniously.

With every new version of the framework, it becomes even more popular so there is no time like now to hop on the bandwagon and start adding ASP.NET Core Web API to your skillset.


If you’ve already mastered C# and OOP concepts, this is the next logical step. If you want to learn ins and outs of web development, data modeling, persistance, security, optimization… through simple and down to earth approach…

Then this is the right book and program for you.

What About .NET 5?

We are all very excited about the .NET 5 official release. That said, as soon as the official release goes live, we are going to update all the books or write new versions – this depends on the number of modifications we have to apply to the current content. But if you buy our Premium or a Basic package now, you will receive updated books for free. So, we got you covered there. We provide 1-year support for our books and you have nothing to worry about that. Your content will be up to date all the way.

“Excellent book!”

“This is great content created by the Code Maze team. Everything you need to know about the best practices to become a better software developer. The guide will cover all necessary areas required to start a new project, covering topics such as project start-up, logging, database modeling, and repository pattern, REST, security and much more!
I recommend Code Maze’s authority on delivering high-level software development guidance!”

Ray Carneiro

Microsoft MVP, Tech Speaker, Fagron Tech

What’s inside



















































After helping more than 3000 readers through comments and emails, we’ve compiled bonus materials to help you absorb the material even faster.

Bonus #1

From Complete Noob to
Six-Figure Backend Developer
(Worth: $15)

ULTIMATE Workbook ++

Workbook’s main goal is to continue building on everything you’ve learned from our main book. That way you can maintain and improve your knowledge and achieve your goal of Mastering ASP.NET Core 3 Web API. You have to understand, the key to success is to put into practice everything you learn and to improve your understanding of the topic. This workbook provides exactly that for you.


Bonus #2

Practice and Learn with Ease on Real World Projects

(Worth: $10)


To make it even easier for you we made a JSON request collection that you can use to practice the knowledge and skills that you learned in our program. By Practicing on Real-World Examples, you’re making sure that you’re getting the most experienced and practical skills that can be used as an advantage on your future projects.

Bonus #3

Everything that you need Combined Together to Make your Learning as Easy and Efficient as Possible!

(Worth: $10)


The HTTP Reference Tables is a bonus material that will help you develop your API more quickly. We compiled everything related to HTTP so you don’t ever need to search the internet for a status code or anything else related to HTTP inside your API. By using this ebook, you’re going to save a lot of time and be more efficient.

Bonus #4

Changing the Way You
Plan, Build and Deliver Applications

(Worth: $27)


Docker is one of the greatest innovations that happened in the last few years. It has opened new horizons in software development and it spun off many innovative solutions and projects. Docker images and containers are rapidly becoming THE way to do software development. 

Our main goal will be to show off the tremendous power of Docker and ASP.NET Core when combined.

Bonus #5

How to Use the Full Potential of Freelancing
from your Bedroom (or Office)

(Worth: $13)


When we started to write our Ultimate ASP.NET Core Web API book, we had one idea in our heads. How can we help our readers even more? Starting a career in software development can be hard. Being a junior developer is hard, too. But what about being your own boss and making more money than on a corporate job?

In this bonus material, we help you discover is freelancing really for you and how to maximize the opportunity of freelancing platforms.

Bonus #6

IdentityServer 4, OpenID Connect,
OAuth2 and ASP.NET Core Identity for User Management

(Worth: $37)



Security is important and we all know it. But due to its implementation complexity, security is usually put off to the end of the development cycle, and sometimes even neglected. 

So make sure your application is secure and tight, and make use of the mechanisms ASP.NET Core provides.

Bonus #7

Surround Yourself with Like-Minded People
Who are on the Same Path as You

(Worth: $$$ – depends on you)

Private Facebook

Join an energetic community of developers on the same wavelength as you. A developer is lonely when you’re surrounded by “normal people” who just don’t get it. Get inspired, ask questions, generate ideas, make friends and have fun!

“Taking REST API to another level”

“Interested in building your first REST API with ASP.NET Core, but you have no experience with ASP.NET Core whatsoever? Look no further than this book! The guys from Code Maze did an excellent job of packing a plethora of information in 300 pages book, that would get you on the right track. After reading, you’ll gain enough knowledge to tackle the creation of your own, production-ready, REST API. Two thumbs up and kudos to Code Maze team! :slightly_smiling_face:

Miroslav Popovic

Technical Lead, Dev Community Leader, Conference Speaker, Seavus

From Developers to Developers…!

‘Ultimate ASP.NET Core 3 Web API’ and all of it’s Limited Bundle Bonuses
are designed to help you excell
 your Career and Life

Vladimir Pecanac

Hi, my name is Vladimir Pecanac, and I am a full time .NET developer and DevOps enthusiast. I founded this blog so I can share the things I learn in the hope of both helping others and deepening my own knowledge of the topics I write about.

I feel that many technical articles are written in an unnecessarily complicated way to sound more authoritative and serious. My goal is to change that trend and write down-to-earth, simple articles that are easy to read and understand.

The best way to learn is to teach.

Marinko Spasojevic

Hi, my name is Marinko Spasojevic. Currently, I work as a full time .NET, ASP.NET CORE, ANGULAR developer and my passion is web application development.

Just getting something to work is not enough for me. To make it just how I like it, it must be readable, reusable and easy to maintain.

Prior to being an author on the CodeMaze blog, I had been working as a professor of Computer Science for several years. So, sharing knowledge while working as a full-time developer comes naturally to me.

My hope is that the experience and knowledge I share will help you improve your own.

Is There A Guarantee?


We strongly believe in quality, so we’re more then confident that if you participate in the program, learn the content from the book daily, implement what you learn, by the time you completely finish the book, you will have a complete ASP.NET Core knowledge and a solid understanding of the core fundamentals of API development.

If for some reason you don’t feel like that is true, then you can send back your whole bundle that came as a bonus with an ebook within 30 days from the day of the purchase and receive a full refund (100% of the money you invested in our bundle).

Pretty simple. No questions asked.

“Worthy investment”

I cannot say enough good things about this book, and the bonus features. It is almost like having someone over your shoulder telling you what to do. The writing is clear and consistent, easy to follow, and just plain fun. Every topic is there. I can’t even imagine the hours that would need to be spent to get all of this information. I highly recommend it. If you can make only one investment this year, this is it. “

Paul Speranza

.NET Consultant, ASG Software Services, Inc.

“I’ve been waiting for this book for a long time!”

It’s been four years that I am working as a Software Engineer. Basically during this time, I got to know what I have to learn to make a consistent career. Luckily I stumbled upon “Code Maze” while doing Google searches. I started to follow this site from the very beginning and I felt like that finally got something that I was seeking for. Then one day I saw they launched a book regarding the “Ultimate ASP.NET Core Web API” program with a bunch of bonuses. I read the book contents where I found everything I need to achieve my goals. 

Most importantly I just want to mention that ‌I got intense support from the book author Marinko Spasojevic. The man who debugs my code and gives solutions whenever  I face difficulties. Yeah, it’s a long and true story. Lastly, I just want to say I know what I am learning and I know I am with the right community.

Shahed Ahmed

Software Engineer, Azolution Software and Engineers Limited

“Extraordinary .NET and C# source of code and knowledge”

“I love your vision and perception of simplicity and pragmatism. Code Maze is an excellent place for getting the latest best practices related to the web development world. Explanations followed by hands-on activities and code descriptions are the best way to learn and apply the knowledge and skills in further or undergoing projects. Just keep the ball rolling, you rock guys!”

Miodrag Cekikj

.NET Software Developer, Speaker, Lead Technical Trainer, Seavus

“Avoided months of trial and error”

“With a real REST Web API, there is a lot MORE than what meets the eyes than building basic CRUD operations. You will find this out AFTER you go into production and see how fast that Web API you wrote, falls apart.
Welcome to “ULTIMATE ASP.NET CORE 3 WEB API”. This is a COMPLETE book and source code that takes you through from A to Z steps, in proper order, that you need to build a full-fledged and complete Web API project structure that you can then add all your entities, DTOs, Endpoints and etc. to it.
What I did in one week with this book, saved me months of trial and error to get everything working properly.
I won’t go into the details of what this book offers, you can read them on their website, but for a small fee, you will save a lot of time, mistakes, and money. That’s it!
The premium plan gives you a lot more value, as you get several other books, like security, docker and etc.
Ah, and the BEST support from the authors.
Good luck and see you there…”

Ben Hayat

Software Engineer, Micro Intelligence Corp - Sarasota, Florida

“Got my money back in time saved”

I’m an iOS/Android developer and need to build backends to support my apps. There were a lot of recommended books teaching ASP.NET Core MVC but I only wanted a Web API. Sadly, I wasted time and money on bloated materials before discovering this book which is exactly the style I prefer. It’s more practical and makes for a great reference when building products.
Initially, I bought the basic pack but upgraded soon after to access the Facebook group. I’ve found having a support community invaluable when learning anything new and the authors answer member questions frequently.

Sam Shearing

App Developer, Mayon Digital Pty Ltd

“High-quality book from Code Maze authors”

“A book that you’ll want to have in your hands while working on any .NET Core Web API related project! The book has simple explanations and examples that can actually be applied on a project, unlike most of the examples I’ve seen in other books.

It is amazing how Code Maze authors explain some difficult topics in very simple and down-to-earth manner.

Good job guys! Highly recommended book for anyone who wants to start with .NET Core and for those who want to improve their current knowledge on the topic!”

Goran Todorovic

Software Developer, Invenda

“Fills the gaps”

Ultimate ASP.NET Core 3 Web API is the stop next to the Microsoft documentation. A step-by-step approach and detailed explanations helped me with all the blurry things I have left with after reading the documentation.

From beginning to end, from project creation to deployment.

If we add the fact that I got access to the private community and even more content by purchasing the Premium edition, buying this package has been an excellent choice. It justified the money invested 100%.

Sulejman Ferizovic

Software Engineer, TNT Soft


Which package should I buy?

That mostly depends on your budget. Obviously the Premium package is the best value for money (saves you 40%), but the book by itself is still 270+ pages of goodies that will help you build production-ready APIs.

Could I just find all this on the Internet for free?

You certainly can, as the most other things nowadays. Finding the right solution takes time and effort. And the internet is full of time-wasters and outdated solutions. This program contains fresh and up-to-date information and implemented using the latest .NET Core framework so you don’t need to waste your time(money) any more.

What if I don’t like it?

That would make us very sad… But if you don’t like the book or don’t find the book useful, we don’t want your money. Just reply to your purchase receipt within 30 days and we’ll issue a refund.

Where can I learn more about you?

We have a lot of free content on code-maze.com. Parse through the articles and learn more about our style and content we offer for free. Then imagine this book is our content on steroids.

This is a big invesment for me. Is this content really worth the price?

You are completely right, this program is an investment. But look at it this way. How much money you could be wasting but not investing in this program? In the wise words of Derek Bok:  “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”

I still have questions…

Feel free to check out our complete FAQ. There, you can find more questions covered.

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