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Sponsorship of Code Maze is available for the parties interested in reaching the international audience of over 9k unique visitors daily at peak days or 176k monthly. Our readership consists mostly of IT professionals and those who are interested and/or specialize in Microsoft Stack (Web Development), DevOps and Javascript Frameworks.


Although our audience consists primarily of US, India, UK, German, and France readers, our blog is read by people all over the world (hi Brasil!). Here is how the typical month looks like (measured by Google Analytics):

Overview audience april

With a 260k pageviews per month, Code Maze offers a great opportunity for any company or product to be visible worldwide. Also, most of our traffic is coming from organic sources, which are regarded as the best quality sources of traffic.

And that’s not all. Code Maze has been steeply growing the entire 2018, amounting to whopping 855% growth in organic traffic and at the same time improving bounce rate and average session duration.

More details (and access to GA for existing sponsors) available on request.

Email List

Our email list is also growing rapidly currently holding about 4500 engaged subscribers who receive our emails weekly and monthly. During 2018. we’ve grown our list by roughly 4200% with the exponential trend in subscriber growth.

Our emails have about 33% open rate which is well above the industry average, and almost 9% click rate.

Social Media

We’re present on every relevant social media channel including LinkedIn, Twitter, G+ and Facebook with a combined audience of several thousand followers. We are frequently featured and shared by many influential websites like DotNetKicks, .NET Libhunt, and ng-newsletter. Many of our articles are available on DZone and Codeproject as well, which diversifies our audience even more.

Sponsorship Message Positioning

The message will appear in the most prominent place on the website and will consist of the “SPONSORED BY:” prefix, followed by your unique message in which you can present your company, product or service.

For example, the message looks like this in full screen on desktop monitors:

Sponsor message desktop

Or on iPhone and other mobile devices:

Sponsor message mobile

What you get:

  1. Global exposure and reach of 176k unique users/260k pageviews per month
  2. Custom message on the most prominent place on the blog, available on every page
  3. Direct and prompt communication with us regarding any queries you might have
  4. “This week is sponsored by: <message>” in the weekly newsletter to our 4.5k+ email subscribers
  5. Tweet with the thank you message during the week of the sponsorship
  6. For the bonus price, you can get an article that you write, promoting your product/service on our blog and advertised on our social media

The Sponsor Message

The message should be about 140-150 characters long, and it should accurately and honestly describe your company/product/service as we will not accept false or misleading advertising of any sorts. The whole message itself will be hyperlinked to the destination of your choosing, and the inbound traffic tracking through URLs is fine. You should also make sure that links are not blocked by commonly used ad-blockers.


Pricing will change all the time, depending on the blog’s growth. Sponsorship is sold in weekly periods, and you should make sure to buy a few terms in advance if you want your ad to show for a longer period of time. For the current price and available slots, please do get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to share the details.

Need More Information?

If you have any additional questions or need more information to help you decide, you can also contact us through our contact page.